Transforming Teams

Do you or your team have a challenge, project, initiative, new policy, or new program on the horizon? Would you like dedicated space and time to work through your project, in collaboration with other local leaders and with the support of expert consultants? Do you want to ensure that your project and process centers equity? If so, Transforming Teams is designed for you. 

Transforming Teams is a three month immersive, cohort-based experience for teams seeking to move a challenge, project or opportunity forward. As a participant, you’ll engage with our expert leadership development facilitators, business coaches, and DEI consultants, who will help support you in their project and share overarching principles of equitable and transformational organizational design. After the three month immersion is complete, you and your team will participate in monthly check-ins with Leadership Triangle and the rest of your cohort for an additional 9 months. 


For the first three months, Transforming Teams meets weekly, from 9am-11am on Wednesdays via Zoom. This is the “intensive” portion of the program, where we will engage new skills, tools and frameworks together.

After the three month intensive, we meet 1x/mo as a cohort through the remainder of the year. These 90 minute monthly gatherings will serve as accountability check-ins, support structures to continue working through challenges, and opportunities to peer coach. Timing of those meetings will be set by the cohort.

You may be the right fit for this program if:

  • You and your team want a fun, positive environment where you can work together to make an impact on a project or initiative you care about.
  • Your team is experiencing tension or the feeling of being stuck.
  • You’ve been considering hiring an Executive Coach to support you in moving a project forward or working through a business challenge.
  • You’re interested in transforming your organizational systems to be more equitable and inclusive.
  • You want to learn new leadership skills and organizational tools, like how to run a retrospective, mapping decision rights on your team, and equity centered design thinking. 
  • You are a LT alum who knows the power of our personal leadership development programs and wants to apply what you’ve learned at scale, within your full team. 



This is about serving the needs of individuals and teams trying to make real improvements in their workplaces and in the Triangle. Ultimately, the choice of frameworks and tools will be responsive to what projects you, and other members of the cohort, bring to the application process. For instance, if multiple teams are working on an issue specific to HR/Culture, we will add a tool or framework to the program that meets that need. Our intention is to remain adaptive and responsive. 

Potential tools we may offer include:

  • Building our Learning Community – Authentic leadership & Equity
  • Design Thinking & Strategy – Scoping your challenge/opportunity
  • The Fundamentals of Peer Coaching – Training with a Certified Coach
  • The Workplace of the Future – Skills, frameworks, and tools you need to build an adaptive and responsive workplace
  • Operationalizing Equity and Inclusion – Moving beyond rhetoric into real structural changes that support equity at work
  • Organizational Change – Leading through Change & Complexity


$5000 per team, up to 5 people ($1000 per person for any additional team members).


Our Spring 2022 cohort is full. 

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