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In this course, you will learn how to use healthy productivity strategies that honor your identity, your brain, and what you know about yourself… and are always in service of your goals.

Designed and built by Kelly Harris Perrin of Little Bites Coaching, the module offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Take a Healthy Productivity Self-Assessment where taking can discover “bright spots” and stress points.
  • Layer out their long-term vision & goals and create a detailed plan by year, quarter, month, week and day actions.
  • Gain clarity on time allocation through a Time Audit.
  • Upgrade their calendar by locking in routines, creating “deep work” blocks and inserting energy rituals.

In this course, participants will develop an understanding of what it takes to become an intersectional Board member - someone who can disrupt harmful patterns of nonprofit governance and truly build community within nonprofit organizations.

Designed and built by Chimi Boyd-Keyes, the module offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Explore ways that boards may have worked to center whiteness.
  • Assess current approaches to board development.
  • Develop an intersectional approach that centers on the ideas and actions of historically marginalized folx.
  • Begin to develop a goal-setting and action plan for the board.
  • Specific recommendations to forge a new way forward that creates community within boards.

For those in the fundraising hustle, this module on effective fundraising is immensely helpful.

Designed and built by Quinn Novels of Q.E.N. Grant Consulting, the module offers 5 Tips for Successful Grant Applications.

  • Get into Hearts AND Heads (use numbers and stories).
  • Review your past performance.
  • Apply for grants that best fit your organization.
  • Network with funders throughout the year.
  • Test before you submit.

The module includes a free downloadable handbook and LOADS of rich activities and resources. If you are responsible for fundraising, sales, or donor cultivation - this is for you.

In this course, participants will learn about public participation and get insights around effective ways to build relationships with public institutions and advocacy/activism that has changed their minds on issues.

Designed and built by Julie Brenman, the module offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Engage an overview of the Theory of Public Participation.
  • Hear insights around effective ways to build relationships with public institutions and advocacy/activism that has changed their minds on issues.
  • Gain from experiences of getting involved with city and local government from scratch - when you're either new in town or new to community engagement.
  • Read a great article from adrienne maree brown on transformative justice and thought exercises for you to individually reflect.

Learn about what it takes to build a coalition and create change in your community.

In this module, participants will:

  • Interview three Coalition leaders and hear their perspectives on why coalition is powerful, why it's hard, and what advice they would give to other organizers and activists.
  • Define Coalition and provide examples of local coalitions.
  • Ask for you to share your experiences building community partnerships, being the spokesperson on an issue (did it feel dignified? did it not?) and navigating power dynamics in coalition spaces.