Leadership Triangle is 25 years old. It’s been a fun quarter century and a lot has happened. We have had the privilege of training business leaders, political leaders, sports coaches and those leading world-changing non profit organizations. As much as we’ve taught these leaders while training them, we’ve learned just as much ourselves.

With this in mind, Leadership Triangle will spend this year celebrating 25 important stories from our history of the past 25 years. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s not a completely unique concept. On ESPN’s 30th anniversary, they unveiled a groundbreaking documentary series called 30 for 30. This series highlighted 30 different stories from the 30 different filmmakers on events between 1979 and 2009, the 30 years ESPN had been in business up to that point.

It was a engaging way of looking back at all they had covered as a sports news channel and giving a more in-depth look at some of the most important stories they dealt with. The first documentary, released in October of 2009, was on the Los Angeles Kings acquiring Wayne Gretsky from the Edmonton Oilers. Filmmaker Peter Berg gave the larger context and impact of this trade on the local Edmonton fans and also on the explosion of interest in hockey for southern California.

The formula of looking at a major sporting event, as well as the cultural context and impact turned out to be a major success for ESPN. The series won awards and brought in big numbers as they covered stories as diverse as Pablo Escobar involvement with soccer in Colombia, to Nelson Mandela’s support of South African rugby, to how fantasy baseball was created by some friends at a local restaurant. Each story digs deeper into common events that are familiar but not always fully understood.

This year, Leadership Triangle will take inspiration from this exciting series and go on our own anniversary journey. Just like 30 for 30, we will highlight important people and events in our history. Looking at the context of these stories and giving a bit of background will help us to relive these important moments. A full sense of our identity as an organization is key for moving forward into the next 25 years.

Some of these stories will be about Triangle business owners whose businesses you see every day but whose history you may not know. Other stories will be about coaches and politicians and those conquering adversity. We will write some of these stories in articles and others will be presented in other mediums. Stay tuned! Leadership Triangle’s 25 for 25 is coming up next.

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