Don’t misunderstand. The internet is a modern revolution that has brought so many benefits to society. People can now video chat with loved ones overseas in real-time, stream history’s greatest entertainment into their living rooms and even find love through a dating website that connects them to someone they would have otherwise never met. But just because it can do so many things doesn’t mean it can do everything. Some things just need to be done in person.

Team-building exercises and retreats are vital for the health of any organization and there really is no digital replacement. There is an immeasurable value to team members actually seeing the whites of each other’s eyes and having real interactions without any technological barriers. During exercises, participants will see where they are strong and find their niche within the larger group.

This can only happen by having the group cooperate on real tasks in real time with real presence. One factor in trainings of this kind is creating an emotional reaction that embeds itself in your memory once the lesson is learned. An online training that teaches lessons on how to be a good team member will not create this kind of memory. Try to recall your fondest memory of an online training module. Anything come to mind? No, because those lessons do not have that longevity like an in-person training might.

The memories built at a team-building retreat, on the other hand, are bound to remain for many years. Each member will have more than one instance where they remember the light bulb flipping on and a key lesson being learned. There will be a context around it and a reaction on a coworker’s face to go along with the lesson. Lessons of this sort are invaluable to one’s professional career. Knowing who you are, what your skills are, what your areas of growth are and what sort of organization and environment can best compliment these often takes a career to uncover.

The beauty of a team-building experience is this process is streamlined and an important lesson can be learned in one day rather than one decade. Not only are these of immense value to an individual but also to the organization that participates. Having employees that are aware of their own place and are comfortable with others on their team can only increase productivity and efficiency. Many modern workplaces are turning into places where people go to be alone on their computers together. People are removed from the greater mission and from those around them. A live team-building retreat can bust your team out of this rut and bring life to any organization.

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