From time to time, it is important to bring one of our past Goodmon Award winners back to your attention. Just because Leadership Triangle chose to honor them in years past does not mean they are not still achieving great things for our region. Right now we want to highlight a 2013 winner – Atrayus Goode.

Atrayus was one of our youngest that we’ve celebrated at the yearly Leadership Triangle Awards Gala. At 28, he had already achieved enough that he was nominated and chosen for this honor. Since then, Mr. Goode has continued to progress his important work. His organization, Movement of Youth, is a mentorship program for minority youth in the Triangle that seeks to match them with college students who can help them on the path to success.

This idea started after a similar program was successful in Mr. Goode’s own life. In Charlotte, the local chapter of the 100 Black Men organization mentored him through middle and high school. Eventually, they even helped fund his education at UNC Chapel Hill through a merit scholarship. This investment in his future was important enough to him that he was inspired to create an organization solely focused on this goal of mentorship of minority students toward success.

Movement of Youth started out as a project during college where he found mentors for 11 students in Durham’s struggling Hillside High School. After graduation, Atrayus continued to grow the organization until by the time he was nominated for the Goodmon Award in 2013, he had 70 mentors from three local universities (NC Central, UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University). The success of MOY was astounding as 80% of the students mentored maintained at least a B- and not a single one of his mentees received a suspension.

Since this recognition from Leadership Triangle, Atrayus Goode and Movement of Youth have continued their movement. The non profit is now in the process of expanding to a nationwide presence with an ambitious goal to be in 20 states by 2020. There is an even a chapter at Columbia University in New York City. It will be important not to take our eyes off of past winners as they continue their good work for our community. Atrayus Goode has the extra distinction of being one of our Leadership Triangle Goodmon Fellows as a graduate of our Regional Class Series. Seeing that Mr. Goode has now barely cracked into his 30s, he has a long career ahead of him as a leader that we look forward to keeping a close eye on.

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