Being a Goodmon Fellow at Leadership Triangle’s Transforming Leadership Program is a life-changing experience. Those who complete the program are empowered to apply the powerful lessons they’ve learned to their professional and personal lives immediately.

To highlight the long-lasting impact that being a Goodmon Fellow can have, we are focussing on alumni who can share what the Transforming Leadership Program has done for them. Shannon Ritchie is the Director of Digital and Innovation at the AJ Fletcher Foundation in Raleigh, NC. In a recent interview she described the impact going through the program had on her life.

AJ Fletcher Foundation, where Shannon Ritchie is employed, is a nonprofit charitable organization that supports organizations working to improve the lives and well-being of North Carolinians. Her leadership position at Fletcher Foundation brought with it some challenges that she knew may stretch her present skills. Ritchie says she, “joined this [Transforming Leadership] program at a time in my career when I was ready to take the next step.”

She describes how for the first time in her career, she found herself managing others. Ritchie also began to do more public speaking and strategic planning for the organization. These new responsibilities from this “next step” in her career precipitated her decision to receive further leadership training. Often people try to simply power through without seeking further help and training and then quickly burn out. Ritchie wisely chose to hone her particular leadership style with customized training.

Through Leadership Triangle, Ritchie was able to step-up to the challenge of these new career responsibilities and become a strong leader for AJ Fletcher Foundation. She says she, “considers this an essential part in my greater development as a leader” to have gone through the program. She now excels with her job responsibilities more effectively, more clearly communicates vision and most importantly, understands who she is as an authentic leader. Ritchie has the skills to be more effective throughout her career.

Even though a couple years have passed since her time as a fellow, Ritchie says she still continues to reference activities and “wisdom imparted from teachers and mentors” during her time in her daily life. On what that enduring impact means to her, she said, “I think that speaks highly of the organization and the legacy it truly has.”

Shannon Ritchie ended by encouraging those interested to apply to be a fellow in the upcoming class. To apply, simply click here.

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